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BMW 3 Series A Luxury Car From BMW

BMW is always recognizing for its stylish coupes, today we are going to discuss most successful series which is known as BMW 3 Series. This vehicle is categorized under compact executive car which is purely manufactured by German engineers. This series was first revealed in the year of 1975 but due to BMW 3 Series demand, automakers still produced by changing its generations. With the passage of time modification leads this design up to 6th generations.BMW 3 Series (4)

The era of 1st generation was from 1975 to 1981, era of 2nd generation was from 1982 to 1991, 3rd generation of BMW 3 Series rules the period of 1991 to 1998, 4th generation production comprised of 1998 to 2006 period and fifth generation was from 2005 to 2011. The most recent and advanced version 6th generation was started from 2012 and still going on.BMW 3 Series (3)

According to official’s and customers views, this model of auto line is among the best-selling vehicle till yet. Among the total annual sales of BMW this model holds 30% shares excluding motorbikes. Since the first production this models has achieved several awards too. The 6thgeneration model the series was first revealed in the year of 2011 on October. The production started in 2012 and (F30) saloon was the first model which was produced. BMW 3 Series is equipped with advance technology engine, 6-cylinder petrol engines is replaced by 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. Another feature which makes it high performing is inline 6 powertrain facility.  F30 is the first model of BMW 3-seires which is also available in Hybrid.BMW 3 Series (2)

This vehicle holds Ten Best title 22 times and published in a magazine named as Car & Driver. This vehicle also holds the title of longest produced vehicle till 1975 to 2014. In the last 25 years BMW 3 series is included the best performing vehicles. In the recent awards, BMW 3 Series holds the title of Best Executive Saloon coupe.BMW 3 Series (1)

Till the end of 2013 the total production of this coupe is recorded as 500,332 units while the sales in United States were 119,521 units.  Hence, while summarizing this vehicle is included among the best coupe till yet in the automaker models.

BMW 3 Series (5)

BMW 3 Series rear

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BMW 3 Series drive

BMW 3 Series (8)BMW 3 Series Inteiror

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