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Bentley Mulsanne is considered to be a full size luxurious vehicle with four door sedan of the modern era. Its production of initial version had started some time back during 1980 to 1992. This vehicle was produced and assembled by the luxury auto maker.
Bentley Motors Limited is nothing but a British luxury automaker, and a fully owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen AG. Its main aim is to design, fabricate, engineering, manufacture and distribution of comfort automobiles units, products are sold under the Bentley marquee.  This company was formed some time back in the year 1919.Bentley Mulsanne (3)
The new version auto has a radical change in design and other parameters with that of earlier one. Production of earlier design had stopped some time back in the year 1992. The new version of the auto maker has come up with the Mulsanne nameplate that was last used in 1992, and this model reflects an advance version of the Bentley Arnage. The new Mulsanne was introduced at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, on 16 August 2009.  It is believed the Bentley Mulsanne is considered the Bentley’s first flagship vehicle independently designed by Bentley Motors during the span of approximately 80 years; the last being W.O. Bentley’s 8 liter model in 1930. After that, most Bentleys shared platforms with Rolls-Royce cars.Bentley Mulsanne (2)
The production of Bentley Mulsanne model of 2010 had started some time back in the year 2010, but it is still continuing. Assembly of this vehicle is being carried out at Crewe, England, United Kingdom.  Its peculiar design was made by Dirk van Braeckel. This automobile is termed as full luxurious car, 4 door saloon type car with front layout. It has 6.75 L twin-turbo with V8 engine series in combination of 8 speeds ZF 8hp automatic.Bentley Mulsanne (1)
Bentley Mulsanne is nothing but a prestige car with multi version option like Mulsanne diamond jubilee edition 2012 were unveiled in Beijing Automotive Exhibition in Sanlitun District, production restricted up to 60 units for commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday and Diamond day ceremony. This car includes embroidery to all four head reset using golden stitching. The earlier model of 1987 was giving a stale look, so the company spiced it up with the introduction of the Mulsanne S.

   Bentley Mulsanne (4)Bentley Mulsanne front view

Bentley Mulsanne (5)

Bentley Mulsanne drive

Bentley Mulsanne (6)

Bentley Mulsanne (7)
Bentley Mulsanne black

Bentley Mulsanne (8)Bentley Mulsanne interior