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Dodge Charger A Full Size Sedan With A HEMI Engine

A long drawn story is associated with the production and development of the vehicle. There is no doubt Dodge Charger is an American automobile car manufactured by Dodge Division of Chrysler and considered to be full size sedan luxury car. It is spread out in three main iteration of the vehicles, the one is mid-size body having two door option introduced some time back in the year 1966 to 1978, the other one is subcompact L type body size car introduced during the span from 1983 to 1987, and the third and last one is LX and LD version car with full-sized platform having 4 door option sedan built and introduced in the year 2006.

Dodge Charger (3)Right now we are using and getting benefit of re-engineering version of the car with Chrysler LX platform. The idea of re-engineering of the charger is nothing but reminiscent of Dodge Charger technology which we all had experienced some time back in the model year 1960-1970 with new innovation of hood and side panel. We all are living in the seventh generation developed this car with the option of V6 and V8 engine in combination of 5 speed and 8 speed automatic transmissions together with all wheel drive. The new innovation using V6 engine coupled with 8 speeds automatic transmissions are available in the market for sale from 2012. Usage of this engine V6 and 8 speed transmissions was made only to have acceleration from 0-60 in 6.6 seconds achieving 31 MPG on the high way. This is the same acceleration rate which you can find in pre-2008 Charger’s HEMI V8 performance.

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It is believed Chrysler Company had come into existence some time back in the year 1914. In 2014 the Chrysler is enjoying their 100th anniversary edition. The trim available on both Charger and Dodge Challenger are of different type to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Company brand. The trim appearance is of granite metallic grille surround as well as 20-inch granite compartment wheels on both the SXT and R/T models, as well as elite leather look like interiors, exclusive spatter screens on infotainment displays, and fashionable outer surface badging, amongst other inimitable features.

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